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The epitome of a Brooklyn-bred father

My dad spotted his ideal gift for Father's Day in the Restoration Hardware catalogue today: a stickball set, complete with two Spaulding rubber balls, the same as they used to buy in the little store down the block where he grew up. Mom says we'll go to the hardware store, buy him a broomstick, some electrical tape, and a few of those balls, and it'd have the same effect. I think the little set is cute though, so I'll probably get it for him.

Now we just have to get my dad on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, because he really needs a makeover pretty badly. I think some of the ties he owns are older than I am. And he deserves it. And I think mom wants our living room done over as well. But as long as they don't make Dad shave his moustache, it'd be fun to get him a makeover. ;)

And to top off the night, saw the little blurb on the new Harry Potter movie on NBC tonight, and now I really can't wait! Gary Oldman is sooooo going to kick ass. </fangirl> Is it June 4th yet???
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