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AAA sucks.

Since I'm too lazy to type it out again, here's part of my convo with damnyellowcap, and you can get the gist of what happened yesterday with my piece of shit car.

RhiaRamsay: wanna hear something tragic?
RhiaRamsay: (in the sarcastic way, not serious)
sirius earendil: then yes, lol
RhiaRamsay: hehe, well, it took AAA 3 and a half hours to show up yesterday to tow my car, how's that for tragic? And it's all because they fucked things up
sirius earendil: eep
RhiaRamsay: yah. What happened was they came out pretty fast to jump my car the first time, but right after they left, when I was about to drive the car to the repair place, as soon as I put it into reverse, it just died. Wouldn't even turn over when I tried to start it up.
RhiaRamsay: So I call AAA back...wait an hour, call them back again, they say someone should be there in 45 mins....'nother hour passes...call back AAA again, then find out that ooops, they made the mistake of cancelling my second call rather than my first one *headdesk*. So they say I get priority and someone will be out there in 30 mins...hour goes by, finally someone shows up, and we have the car towed to the place
sirius earendil: oy
RhiaRamsay: yah. Needless to say I was feeling very, extremely frazzled yesterday. Thankfully we closed up work early and I spent the rest of the night watching Big Fish.

Meh. I hate cars.

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