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I have too much fun with fanmixes, despite the fact that I am the suck at artwork.

Fandom: Harry Potter/X-Files/Good Omens/Ashes to Ashes Crossover. Okay, I know it sounds convoluted, but go with it…I like to think it works.

Subject: Regulus Black and Samantha Mulder

Title: It’s Only Teenage Wasteland

Notes: This is actually based on a fanfic called Unintended that I’ve been working on for over five years – I’m dating myself here but I remember bringing the early pages of this fic to Lumos 2006. Bit of a while ago…Anyway, here’s the summary: They were supposed to die. All they wanted was peace after their short but eventful lives. For Regulus Black and Samantha Mulder, things didn't quite work out as they had intended. The sequel to "Consequences of Bloody Manchester," which was the original, truly cracked out crossover and basically implied that the demon Crowley was Sirius and Regulus Black’s biological father. This story, while still utter crack, took it in a bit of a different direction. It’s partly posted at this point, at least on ff.net. The songs were chosen to reflect the plot of the fic, mostly, however the atmosphere of the songs was an important deciding factor as well. Even with that in mind I still ended up with a huge mix.

Be warned, I suck at cover art. I’m still in a learning curve with Photoshop programs.
25 songs inside, with lyrics below the cut. Thanks for looking!

While Samantha’s death was a bit ambiguous, a bit strange, Regulus’s wasn’t. He knew for certain that was most definitely deceased.

Barton Hollow – The Civil Wars

I'm a dead man walking here
But that's the least of all my fears
Ooh, underneath the water…

Miles and miles in my bare feet
Still can't lay me down to sleep
If I die before I wake
I know the Lord my soul won't take…

Keep walking and running and running for miles…

Wherever it was they had ended up, it was both like and unlike Earth. The place may have looked like home, but there was something off about it. They ended up calling the place ‘The Wasteland.’

Planet Earth – Duran Duran

My head is stuck on something precious
let me know
If you're coming down to land
is there
Anybody out there trying to get through?
my eyes are so cloudy I can't see you

Somehow, they become friends. Maybe more at some point, but right now these kids need a friend more than anything else. Besides, isn’t that how all good adventure stories start, with two good friends?

Pure Morning – Placebo

Day’s dawning, skins crawling…

A friend in needs a friend indeed,
A friend who’ll tease is better,
Our thoughts compressed,
Which makes us blessed,
And makes for stormy weather,

Regulus, stop being emo. She’s going to accept you no matter what. She doesn’t care about demons, devils, deceased bits, or wizards. Just you.

I Am Not a Robot – Marina & the Diamonds

You've been hanging with the unloved kids
Who you never really liked and you never trusted
But you are so magnetic, you pick up all the pins
Never committing to anything
You don't pick up the phone when it ring, ring, rings
Don't be so pathetic, just open up and sing…

Can you teach me how to feel real?
Can you turn my power off?
And let the drum beat drop…

Sam gets dragged down into the nasty depths of her own mind and loses herself. When this happens, drastic actions follow.

Darkness – Blackmore’s Night

…Somewhere in between the moss and the stone
The wind and the wood became my home
I layed myself down upon the green
When the ivy overgrew I could never leave

Something in the darkness pulled me deeper
Something in the madness eased my mind
Was I awake or was I dreaming
Cut the strings that bind me to mankind

After ‘the incident’, they sleep for a year to recover, except for Regulus’s smoke break.

Sleeping Beauty – Miranda Sex Garden

…how long had she been waiting there,
behind her cold and dusty veil?
her heart, still beating red and soft and warm,
her skin, left hanging off in threads.

tales of blood and tears, lie cold on her face,
her veins so blue, her heart so red and wild
and free.

Because maybe, when it comes down to it, they’re gonna save each other. And because of ‘Ashes to Ashes.’ Anyone who’s seen series three will know why.

Wonderwall – Oasis

…Today was gonna be the day, but they'll never throw it back to you
By now, you should've somehow realized what you're not to do
I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now

And all the roads that lead you there were winding
And all the lights that light the way are blinding
There are many things that I would like to say to you, but I don't know how

Things are getting better, and time’s passing, but Samantha’s still having odd dreams and nightmares. Sometimes all she wants to do is rest. Regulus wants to help, but sometimes it’s hard.

25 Years – Blackmore’s Night

25 years since I woke up trembling
25 years since that terrible dream
I could see that the world was crumbling
Nothing is ever as it seems…

…And you tried so hard to save me
How do you save someone from themselves
All those years, wasted wishes
Drowning in the wishing well...

He looks like he’s more than a child, this teenager in her dreams. But Samantha isn’t sure. And she wants to know who he is.

Stolen Child – Loreena McKennitt

Come away, O human child
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand
For the world's more full of weeping
Than you can understand.

This other young man is dapper and lively. It’s a bit of a nice change, Regulus thinks. And this young man has got a job offer for him. But something’s not quite right.

The Whole Shebang – Grant Lee Buffalo

Darlin' you can't live your life singing songs in exile
You were born for stardom's crown and not for self denial
So don't you close the door on fate when she comes to call
And tell her that you'll join her there at the masqueraders ball
Funny how some people never love at all

We'll take the whole shebang
All or nothing anything
Ecstasy's the birthright of our gang
We'll take the whole shebang
Free your heart of guilt and shame
Come and claim what's yours the whole shebang…

A few paternal revelations on Regulus’s part happens. He’s got a messed up family history. Still, it’s surprisingly fitting for a Slytherin.

The Snake – Mediaeval Baebes

Venido es el estío, la siesta afincada
que ya non avía miedo de viento nin de elada
Salió de aquel forado sañuda et ayrada
Començó de emponçoñar con venino la posada.

Díxole el ortolano, "Vete de aqueste lugar;
Non fagas aquí dapño!"Ella fuese ensañar
Abraçole tan fuerte, que lo quería afogar
Apretandolo mucho cruelmente sin vagar.


When the summer came, with the heat well established
And no longer a threat from the wind and cold
It came out of its hole angry and irate
And began to poison the souse with its venom

The gardener said to it, "Get out of here
Don't you harm this place!" And it grew enraged
It wrapped itself 'round him tightly as if to strangle him
Squeezing him cruelly, hissing all the time

Regulus has to decide what’s important, even if it’s on an unconscious level. And you know, it’s the one that’s always there who may just be worth fighting for. She’d fight for you…even when you start sleepwalking.

Sorry Bunch – Dresden Dolls

…They could've dropped us off
But I would skip a hundred parties
Just as long as you were in my life
Just as long as nobody knew that we were...

Here's to alcohol
Here's to chemicals
Here's to all of the things that we drink
When we want to sing like no one's listening

Just as long as you were on my side
Just as long as nobody knew

‘I know who you really are,’ Samantha says to the Anchoress. ‘Why are you still alive?’ The Anchoress smirks back at the girl. ‘Because HE said so.’

I Am Eve – Mediaeval Baebes

…Mé tuc in n-uball an-úas
Do-chúaid t ar cumang mo chraís
In céin marat-sam re lá
De ní scarat mná re bats…


It is I that plucked the apple
It overcame the control of my greed
For that women will not cease from folly
As long as they live in the light of day

What’s the phrase, one day you wake up and find yourself falling in love with your best friend? Yeah... Maybe it’s a family trait, on both sides.

Unintended – Muse
You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You could be the one I'll always love
You could be the one who listens
To my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one I'll always love…

…I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken
Pieces of the life I had before

Before you

Walk past where the sidewalk ends, to where the city is crumbling to pieces. There’s the ocean. There’s our way home. And we’re going there together.

Where the Streets Have No Name – U2

…Where the streets have no name
Where the streets have no name
We're still building
Then burning down love
Burning down love
And when I go there
I go there with you
It's all I can do

The city's aflood
And our love turns to rust
We're beaten and blown by the wind
Trampled in dust
I'll show you a place
High on a desert plain
Where the streets have no name…

After so many years, they finally make that leap. Maybe it’s convenience or proximity, but they really don’t care.

Might Tell You Tonight – Scissor Sisters

…They'll tell you that you'll maybe make it
If you just cut your clothes and change your hair
But I won't fuss and moan
'bout what you wear
I feel so much better
When I read your dirty letters
Just wear your sweaters in the winter
'Cause I wouldn't want you to get cold
I hope that we're together when we're old
I would have sold all my possessions
Never took piano lessons
But baby you're a grand
And I will learn to play the good notes
And tune you up the best I can

And I just might say it tonight
I just might say it tonight
I just might tell you tonight
That I love you
And you should stay all my life

Moving out to the cathedral ruins to build their escape. They can see the stars. They can see each other.

Caravan – Miranda Sex Garden

Sleep upon my shoulder as we creep
across the sands so I may keep
the memory of our caravan.

This is so exciting
you are so inviting
lying in my arms
as I thrill to the magic charms of you
beside me here beneath the blue…

Even more memories come creeping back through the haze of death. Samantha remembers her big brother sneaking out to buy this album, and even though she can’t remember names or words, she remembers the cover, and she’d definitely know the tune if she heard it again. And sometimes it helps dreams drop cryptic hints.

Baba O’Riley – The Who

…Don't cry
Don't raise your eye
It's only teenage wasteland

Sally, take my hand
We'll travel south cross land
Put out the fire
And don't look past my shoulder.

The exodus is here
The happy ones are near
Let's get together
Before we get much older…

Samantha learns what might have really happened to the kid in her dreams. And why someday soon (read: in the sequel) she’s going to have to help him get home too.

Life on Mars – David Bowie

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man! Look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the Lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

Time to play pirate captain and get the hell out of the Wasteland. They were never content to stay still, even in the afterlife.

Mutineer – Warren Zevon

…I was born to rock the boat
Some may sink but we will float
Grab your coat - let's get out of here
You're my witness
I'm your mutineer

Long ago we laughed at shadows
Lightning flashed and thunder followed us
It could never find us here...

There’s a storm brewing in the Wasteland. One last visit to the city, then it’s time to go. Mr. Dapper makes one last job offer, giving Regulus the chance to reign in hell alongside him and the rest of the demons.

Shrinking Universe – Muse

…Purposeless survival
Now there's nothing left to die for
So don't struggle to recognize
Now the cruelly heart-felt suicide

Can't you see it's over
Because you're the God of a shrinking universe…

Not without her, Regulus thinks. He’ll respectfully decline Mr. Dapper’s offer, but not without consequences. And while both he and Samantha can fall, Regulus remembers that demons have wings, and that they can save themselves.

And also because the video for this song inspired the setting for this scene.

Bliss – Muse

Everything about you is how I'd wanna be
Your freedom comes naturally,
Everything about you resonates happiness
Now I won't settle for less…

…Everything about you pains my envying
Your soul can't hate anything
Everything about you is so easy to love
They're watching you from above

Something always comes up at the last minute, just as they’re about to leave. Of course. This time, however, this new discovery may be worth taking along, just like the Anchoress had warned Regulus. Besides, enough time has passed, now would be an ideal time for brotherly love.

Heavy Cross – The Gossip

…I checked you, if it's already been done, undo it,
It takes two, it's up to me and you, to prove it,
On the rainy nights, even the coldest days,
you're moments ago, but seconds away,
The principal of nature, it's true but, it's a cruel world…

…We can play it safe, or play it cool,
follow the leader, or make up all the rules,
whatever you want, the choice is yours,
So choose…

Hold on tight, boys, we’re going through the storm. Then, we’re on our way home. Samantha grins, and kicks the boat into high gear.

This Ship Was Built To Last – The Duke Spirit

…See where she goes, that's where we go, the breeze takes my hand, this ship takes over.
Drip upon drop overflowing the cup, running in light, i whip multiple cries, they echo around all the walls of my heart, yeah worry no more when love leans 'gainst the door.

…Oh this ship was built to last,
Yeah this ship was built to last.

Freedom. There’s still a long road ahead of them, with plenty of opportunities for failure, but they’ve made it this far and passed through the storm. So why quit now? The sun’s shining, the sea is calm, and for the first time in a long while, things are looking bright.

Analyse – The Cranberries

…Don't analyse
Don't analyse
Don't go that way
Don't lead that way
That would paralyse your evolution

La la la
This greatest moment
La la la
The strangest day…

Download HERE

All files are mp3 format. If you’d like any individual tracks uploaded or an upload service other than Mediafire, let me know.

Comments are loved. Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy!


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