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Fridge Logic or Fridge Brilliance?

Had the revelation earlier today (in the midst of post-thesis insanity; first draft is done!) that one of my favorite X-Files fanfics back in the day, and I'm talking nine, ten years ago here, was basically almost an early version of Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes. Which is either really freaky or really cool. And dammit, now I want to reread that story, and I can't remember where the hell I found it...


Oct. 20th, 2010 02:42 am (UTC)
I actually dated a police officer for about two years - needless to say it didn't end well, which probably spurs some of my ire towards them. I did get to hear a lot of the inside dirt, however, about all of the stuff that went on behind the scenes, and it would amaze/horrify you. The rotters all end up sticking together, and will flat out lie about things if necessary. So knowing all of those behind the scenes details makes me hate them even more...that and the idiot cops end up spending more time chasing runaway llamas around here (true story!) than doing things like getting drunk drivers off the road because they don't want to deal with the paperwork (again, truth - the paperwork on a DUI is more than if there was a murder).

Oh, no shame whatsoever about loving Simm more than Tennant in those episodes! Loving Simm does not at all take away from your 10/R shipperhood. ;) He was very brilliant. I may be biased, however - there was an inordinate amount of squee on my part when I learned that OMG Sam Tyler was going to be on Doctor Who back in S3. Tyler v. Stabler? Holy Crap. *SWOON*

I've seen most of the new SJ eps, so I think I can work with them fairly well. Most of them are available online too, so some rewatching will help as well. And I totally agree - Luke would be able to spot that there's something odd about Charlie right away, even though I don't know if he'd get the alien part, especially since they're all undercover, so to speak. And never fear about SJ and the Doctor together here - 1) you know full well where my shipping preferences lie. ;) And 2) I'm actually not a fan of writing romantic conflict or angst. I really prefer writing about stable couples going up against odds, so to speak, you know? So there will never be any reason here to doubt the relationship between D and R, but there's going to be stuff going down.

I'm definitely going to have to do some hard thinking about bringing the Doctor's mother into this story. First things first, have to figure out how she could have survived the Time War (it's possible, I just need something plausible, lol). There may be, just maybe, a way to get Jackie back into the story as well, but I'm going to have to let things simmer a while on that idea. Give me a little bit and I'll let you know what's going through my mind on that one.

LOL, in regards to the tiem!babies, I do need a male name. I have a girl name, but the girl's the younger one so I should get a boy name first...any thoughts? :)

Ooh, yay, storytime. Will read it sometime tomorrow. I need to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight because (the law student in you will like this one) I got called for jury duty tomorrow and I have to be at the courthouse at 8 in the morning. Oh joy. ;)


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