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See the shiny new Muse icon... :) *pets them*

Been on a 21 Jump Street binge for the last day or so, and came to the horrifying realization that the main character is a young police officer who drives a killer Mustang, which suddenly explains so much about my romantic history. *major facepalm* So the next time I decide to go out with a cop, I'm holding out for Johnny Depp instead of the low-rent knockoff. *sigh*

mrs_roy, when do you need that story back that you sent me? I'm trying to make a schedule for myself over the next few weeks, and knowing when you need that will help me budget my time better. :)

I saw on another LJ somewhere that there's a meme where readers can ask five questions of any of your characters, and I'm thinking about doing that here as a way to get back into the fic writing swing of things (life's been a bit rough lately...). So does anyone out there have any questions for the characters?

Okay, that's all. Must go start plotting how best to accomplish the tradition of spending far too much money at the Bath and Body Works semi-annual clearance sale starting tomorrow...


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Jun. 10th, 2010 11:37 pm (UTC)

To be honest, I really don't have a clue. I was due to post Monday just gone, but the episode before mine still has 4 chapters to go, and she's still waiting for her beta to finish with them. I'd say possibly a week or two? I know that doesn't really help much, sorry hon!

Oh, I have questions! Ok ..

I want to ask what the Doctor was thinking when he realised Charlie was his son!

I want to ask what Charlie thinks about his heritage. (on his fathers side, obviously XD)

I'd also like to know if Rose has any regrets.

How are you doing?

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