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Last weekend I got an e-mail from LiveJournal saying that someone had anonymously gifted me 6 months of paid time to my account. To whoever did that - thank you. It's an amazing gift. :)

As a further thanks, I put together a bit of a playlist for all of the songs used in Mysterious Ways. Some of these have lyrics featured at the top of the chapters, others have been musical inspiration for me while putting together the story, and others are from chapter that haven't been written yet. All of them are songs that I adore. Eventually I'd like to get this into a downloadable file for all of the songs, but until that point, enjoy the vids on YouTube.

I Will Follow

This isn't the original version, however there's a slight change in lyrics here that makes it more appropriate. And it was filmed in Brooklyn. 'Nuff said.

Thimble Island

Marco Polo
Loreena McKennitt

I Really Hope
The Cranberries

The Mystic's Dream
Loreena McKennitt

La Serenissima
Loreena McKennitt

The Arrival and The Reunion
Dead Can Dance

Puisque Bele Dame M'eime
Anonymous 4

I am shocked that I was able to find an audio of this on YouTube. I should learn not to be surprised by now...

Mediaeval Baebes/Delerium

Life on Mars
The Dresden Dolls

For the record, Bowie's version is the first and the greatest. However, this version does seem to suit Rose's mindset at the time a little better than the original. The Dolls are also based out of Boston, so I had to get that in too...

Eyes Like Yours

Impossible! It's Possible
Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella

There are about five billion versions of this song on YouTube, from the different movie versions to the ones performed by high school plays. The clip below is from the 1965 movie, which is the version on my soundtrack and the one that I had in mind while writing. It's actually a part from the entire movie, so the song will end before the clip does.

Mysterious Ways (Instrumental)
Vitamin String Quartet

This is where I am boggled with what one can find on iTunes. How could I resist downloading it?

Corvus Corvax

Another song where there are about five billion versions in existence (and I have quite a few of them). I used this one because on the recording I have it definitely gives off a party sort of vibe.

Love Don't Roam
Neil Hannon and Murray Gold

It was nearly impossible to find a version of this song that wasn't attached to a fanvid. I finally found one though, so even though most of you have probably heard this one before (I will not confirm nor deny that this is the song with the highest play count on my iPod) I'm putting it up here anyway.

Mysterious Ways

The quality of this vid and the one for Elevation below aren't as great as some of the other ones out there, however this one is special to your author, so indulge me. :)

Last Chance on the Stairway
Duran Duran

My favorite Duran Duran song ever. Even getting into a car accident while listening to this song hasn't stopped me from loving it. Needless to say it was the inspiration for a very pivotal scene...

Celtique Medieval
Carlos Nunez


Heeeeeee. That is all. :)

Stick With Me Baby
Robert Plant and Allison Krauss

The Beatles

Loreena McKennitt

The last verse of this song, just before the final repetitions of the chorus, are what the entire Sonnets series is all about.

Hope you enjoyed! :)



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Oct. 30th, 2009 06:22 pm (UTC)
I liked this!! It was nice to hear the songs that inspired you. I had never heard some of these songs before, but I can definitly see how they inspired your writing. Thanks for sharing!!
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