Aenaria (io_aenaria) wrote,


I have a cunning plan.

It's actually not really cunning, because having a cunning plan usually means that disaster is going to follow at an extremely rapid pace, no matter what time period you're in. But it's an idea.

First, I want to thank everyone who responded to the last post with their suggestions. They really were awesome and I took advantage of a lot of them. And I must remember that 'Write or Die' website for completing schoolwork. Because that'll be a hell of a way to get things done.

And I'm rambling again (and possibly stalling, because the school work isn't quite done, but it will be by tonight....see, rambling).

Anyway, my proposition is this to help shake this writer's block: I am offering up free drabbles (drabble-ish. I'm rubbish at sticking to 100 words). Give me a prompt, give me the characters, and we'll see what comes out.

Sound like a not-very-cunning plan?
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