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A rather unfortunate event

I'm sure some of you saw this over on time_and_chips, but I got plagiarized tonight. Just what you want to see, someone taking one of the stories you've worked very hard on and bastardizing it and calling it their own. Anyway! The mods at t&c agreed with me and removed the post, but the person who posted it still has the story up on their own personal lj (http://xxebonyxx.livejournal.com/) as their work. So I'm wondering if anyone out there who feels comfortable enough to do so, would be able to go over there and gently (please gently and civilly, I don't want to be too bitchy and rude about it) make aware to the girl that she's got work up there that isn't hers. I'd be a great favor and I'd be very much in your debt.

While I'm here, I just want to tell everyone out there who reads my stories how much I appreciate your comments and just the fact that you read my stories. It means so, SO much to me that you enjoy them, and while I may not always be the best at responding to feedback, I always read every comment and am so glad you took the time to say so. So thank you all out there for everything. :)

I feel like saying "release the hounds" right now, that would be rather apropos...

Thanks kindly,


Jan. 10th, 2008 01:20 pm (UTC)
You are correct sir! ;) But yeah, that story compared with my latest one (next post down). I saw it and definitely did a bit of a O_o. Then I spent half of the night online with sopdetly panicking about it, LOL.

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