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Aug. 29th, 2006

For sopdetly. You know what this is. ;)


“Be quiet.”

“I’m so cold though! I could swear I’m turning into an ice lolly.”

Remus just squinted and looked through the telescope again. “I know you’re cold, Sirius; we all are. Just renew the warming charm on your cloak and gloves.”

Sirius tugged on the ends of his hair, pulling it down over his ears in a poor attempt to block the wind from them. Giving up that futile attempt he readjusted his Gryffindor colored scarf, arranging it over his lower face in what could politely be described as an artful mess. Even with the scarf blocking his mouth his voice carried right to Remus’s ears. “The charms start to lose their effect after the fifth go-round. Merlin, whoever thought it was a brill idea to have astronomy classes at midnight at the top of the highest and bloody windiest tower in the damned school in the middle of December? Why couldn’t we just do this inside?”

Pulling back from the telescope with a faint pop (he suspected it was the noise of his frozen eyelashes separating from the just as frozen lens) he shot Sirius an incredulous look. “I think your brain’s frozen up.”

From behind them a cluster of red sparks shot up in the air, followed by the professor’s voice echoing out over the night air. “All right, switch off with the other two members of your team!”

“Oh, thank God,” Remus muttered and grabbed Sirius by his cloak, tugging him back from the edge. Sirius needed no extra prodding, and they hurried over to the hollowed out space beneath one battlement where James and Peter were currently hunched around a small bit of conjured blue flame.

“Come on mate, just two more minutes,” Peter wheedled, instinctively burrowing even further against the thick stones.

The two boys shook their heads as Sirius reached down and started to haul James out. “Nope, sorry. We took first shift so you two could warm up, and now it’s your turn to freeze your bollocks off as you stare at little twinkly things,” Sirius said.

James shot him a baleful look. “You’re an arse, Padfoot.”

“Love you too Prongs. Now go get your work done so we can all get inside into our nice warm beds!” Remus nodded in agreement and pointed at the telescope that waited for them. He declined to tell them that most of the upper eyelashes on his right eye were most likely still frozen to the glass. Quicker than anything Sirius disappeared under the battlement, and a gloved hand shot out and pulled Remus in after him.

Remus arched an eyebrow and smiled bemusedly as Sirius situated Remus between his legs and pulled his back right up against his chest. “Body heat, you know,” Sirius said, resting his chin in the curve of Remus’s neck.

His smile grew even wider. It really was kind of cozy in here. The space was deep enough that there was some privacy, and none of the other students would bother to venture out of their own nooks to see what they were doing. With a wave of his wand Remus stoked the fire a bit, sending a new wave of warmth over them. “Much better,” he muttered.

“Blessed heat,” Sirius sighed happily, prodding his cold nose against Remus’s cheek. For a few minutes they sat there, thawing out and feeling a little more like people and not like the ice sculptures they had been.

“This really wasn’t one of Professor Bartleby’s best ideas,” Remus said eventually. Sirius barked a laugh into his ear.

“That’s for damned sure. Still, I’ll take any excuse to feel you up in public.” Remus’s head twisted to see Sirius leering at him, grey eyes sparkling in the dull blue light. Taking a quick glance to make sure no one was watching them, he twisted a little more and pecked Sirius on the mouth, feeling cold and dry and slightly chapped lips beneath his own. As he settled back down with his side resting against Sirius’s front (easier access in case another snog was necessary, of course), he spotted a certain constellation up in the sky.

“Hey look, there’re your stars,” Remus said, nodding up towards them.

“Ahh, good old Canis Major and the brightest star in the sky,” Sirius sighed.

“And there goes the ego, getting as big as the giant squid,” Remus joked with a smirk. He felt Sirius’s shoulders move convulsively beneath him.

“I think it’s the one decent thing I ever got from my mother. The brightest, burning star in the sky. Gives me something to live up to and look out for. That burning drive to find…something.”

“What do you want then? Fame? International renown?” Something funny that Remus didn’t want to acknowledge tugged at his stomach.

Sirius shrugged again, running a hand over Remus’s hair. “Dunno. I figure I’ll find out one day. S’probably going to take a lot of looking, when it comes down to it.” This time Sirius used his gloved palm to tilt Remus’s face upwards, bringing their eyes together. “Want to come with me? We can set out and, I don’t know, find the meaning of life or something like that.”

Remus smiled yet again (for such an awful cold night he was smiling quite a lot). “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


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Aug. 30th, 2006 02:36 am (UTC)
Eeeee. Snuggly loveness! Thank you darling! *smooshes*
Aug. 30th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)
Ahahaha, and I just realised what your cut-tag text says. Dork. XD
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