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Random stuff and a ficlet

I have a new toy!


This goes right up there with my skeleton army.


(And yes, that really was made for me, not just a random picture that had my name on there...)

And now, for the ficlet. This is in kind of response to sopdetly's prompt last week, however since my original idea on the theme was a total cock-up, I offer this instead. Enjoy!

The air raid siren blaring out of the speakers could have, in another age, signaled the beginning of an invasion, but all it really signaled with the latest record Sirius had tossed onto the player.

“You better beware
You better take care
You better watch out if you got long black hair...”

Remus looked over at Sirius, the Lord of Misrule holding court over his (mostly female) revelers. He had to admit that Sirius did look like a king at this little party in their shared flat, black hair tousled in a post-coital halo, silk shirt rumpled, unbuttoned, and hanging loosely off his shoulders like some ceremonial robe. His tight jeans rode low on his hips, as if hastily tugged back on for some reason—a reason Remus knew quite well, as he was the cause for that current look. He smiled to himself, thinking of Sirius’s heartfelt and urgent words that he was going to return the favor later on. The girls were all crowded around him, draping arms and hands in places they had no right to be. The territorial part of Remus wanted to snarl, tear them away and toss them out the window, but the head and heart knew better.

Quite possibly feeling Remus’s gaze on him, Sirius looked his way and tossed him a jaunty wink. Remus just grinned back.

Without warning James vaulted over the back of the couch, landing next to Remus with a loud thud that made the raggedy old settee groan ominously. “Oi, watch it!” Remus yelped, holding his stout at arm’s length to keep it from sloshing out onto his trousers.

“Sorry mate,” James said with an extremely unrepentant tone in his voice.

“So why didn’t Lily want to come?” Remus asked over the din of music and clamoring people, sipping at his drink.

James snorted, seeming a bit like his animagus. “In my darling wife’s words: ‘I am seven months pregnant, as big as a fucking house, and have no desire or energy to deal with one of Sirius’s bacchanals right now. So bugger off and let me enjoy my girls’ night in peace!’”

“Ouch,” Remus hissed.

“Tell me about it.” James looked over to where Sirius was getting manhandled by his devoted followers. “Don’t you ever get sick of that?” he asked.

“Sick of what?”

“That.” Remus followed James’s hand to where it was waving drunkenly at Sirius.

Remus just shrugged. “Sirius is a performer; likes playing for the crowds. But,” his face broke into a sudden and wide smile, “I know where he calls home, and where his heart lies. And that’s all that matters.”

“Wow,” James said, knocking back a slug of alcohol. “Such a poofter.” Remus just rolled his eyes and cuffed him on the back of the head. He was just buzzed enough to allow himself that one indulgence.

With an unholy grin spreading across his face, Sirius sauntered over to the settee and draped his arms over Remus’s shoulders from being. “Hey you,” Remus grinned back.

“You are a bit sozzled, aren’t you, love?” Sirius said, planting a kiss on Remus’s hair.

“Just a bit.” He squirmed as Sirius’s hand began to trace a path under his collar and down his chest, making his nerve endings fizzle pleasantly. “You sure you want to be doing that here?” Remus asked, tipping his head back so that his lips were pressed to the soft fleshy bit of warm skin beneath his chin. “You might scare off your admirers.”

Sirius worked his other hand down Remus’s front, leaning over again to playfully lick at the tip of his nose. “Eh, let ‘em deal. They’re just jealous anyway.” He moved to kiss him, but just as Sirius’s tongue began to glide into his mouth, James broke in with an indignant squawk. ‘Oi! Aren’t you going to say hello to me? Your best mate for countless years?”

With a deep sigh Sirius pulled away from Remus’s mouth and turned to James. “Hello, wanker,” he smirked.

“Hello, poofter,” he fired back with a grin of his own.

Sirius’s smirk got even wider, and he leaned down to give Remus a righteous snog once more. “It’s good to be home,” he mumbled against his lips.

“Oh yes. Very much.”


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Aug. 30th, 2006 02:25 am (UTC)
*finally getting to this, woo*

Eeeeehehehe! Silly Sirius. I almost pity his unfortunate admirers. *snuggles*

James snorted, seeming a bit like his animagus.

I *LOVE* that. James is so rarely compared to Prongs, at least not an any audible way. Kudosssss, love! :D
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