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The fog is rolling in...

The fog is everywhere today. It made the bridge disappear as I was driving over it. That was a fun trip, only able to see three feet in front of my face five-hundred feet over the Narragansett Bay. It was a remarkable metaphor for my state of mind though right now, all foggy and cloudy due to all the CRAP related to school.

Went to a wholly depressing Graduate School fair today too. It seems that my school does not seem to cater to us in the humanities department at higher levels. Just about every school there was a law school, something related to health care, or engineering science. Only one school, Northeastern, had something that even remotely resembles what I want to study when it comes time to get my masters.

Aside from that, not a bad day. I just hate school right now. Too much bureaucratic stress. ;)
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