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Happy to oblige...;)

sopdetly bemoaned a couple of days back the lack of R/S fluff in recent days. Well, I hope this fills that hole, at least a little bit. Pure, unadulterated, MWPP-era sap ahead. I hope everyone out there enjoys. :)

“You did what?!”

That deer in the headlights of the oncoming Knight Bus really was not an attractive look on James Potter. Sirius sniggered.

“I got a tattoo,” Sirius replied calmly, biting back a few more snickers.

“McGonagall’s going to kill you,” Peter said from his position on his bed.

“McGoogles isn’t going to see it. If she does then she’s been spying on me at times when no professor should be watching me,” Sirius pointed out, stealing a glance at Remus who was sitting on the window ledge with a book open in his lap and a chocolate frog clasped in his hand. Sirius would swear sometimes that Remus loved chocolate more than him. Although he had been known to say that chocolate and Sirius combined was one of his favorite things. He then winked at James. “Come on, Jamie-boy, it’s your turn next. Maybe you could get ‘Lily’ with a great big whacking heart around it smack on your chest.”

James blanched. “Don’t they use…needles?” He gulped audibly, making Sirius and Peter snicker yet again.

“That’s usually how one gets a tattoo, yes.”

James swallowed again and ran a hand through perpetually messy hair. If Sirius concentrated he could even see a small bit of sweat start to bead up on his forehead. “Yeah, um…right. Erm, I’ve got some Head Boy things that need doing. I’ll just…” He waved his hands around in the direction of the door, then turned and made a quick escape.

Peter sighed and shook his head, then got to his feet. “I better go make sure he doesn’t go do anything even stupider than usual. Although if I find out that somehow Evans hexed the word ‘arsehole’ right of his forehead, I’ll be sure to get pictures.”

Sirius raised his eyebrows as Peter left the room. “I don’t even want to know,” he muttered.

“So it looks like you had an interesting summer break,” Remus said with a smile, beckoning Sirius over to the ledge that was wide enough for two people to sit comfortably. Quicker than a blink Sirius was there, tangling his legs up nicely with Remus’s. “First the new flat, now a tattoo? What’s next?”

“A flying motorbike,” Sirius nodded.

“You’re insane, Padfoot.”

“This is not news.”

“So let me see this tattoo,” Remus said, closing the book and placing it on the floor. “Otherwise you know I’ll discover it tonight during our…reunion, and I can guarantee that James will have an even worse reaction then.”

“Only if we forget the silencing charms,” Sirius smirked. “But yeah, take a look.” Much to Remus’s surprise he unzipped his trousers and pushed them down to his knees, then yanked the right side of his boxer shorts down to reveal a black marking on his pale hip. It looked like a ‘T’ with a loop at the top. Remus leaned in close, his breath on Sirius’s bare skin making him shiver just a little bit.

“An ankh. Egyptian symbol of life,” he murmured, fingertips reaching out to lightly glide over the freshly healed ink. He glanced up at Sirius, an almost evil glint in his amber eyes. “It’s also a sign of sexual union for the Egyptians. And it represents the annual union of Isis and Osiris and Osiris’s subsequent rebirth,” ever so slowly Remus braced himself on his arms and moved upwards, breath trailing up his chest and warming it until he was looking Sirius in the eye, their mouths centimeters away from each other, “which is astronomically represented by the star Sirius rising in the sky every year, you vainglorious flash bastard,” he finally smirked, making Sirius grin in response.

“Life and sex, two things that are important in any man’s life. I thought it appropriate to have it emblazoned on my body as a reminder,” he said, weaving his hand through Remus’s thick brown hair. “And next time I get one, we go together, and you can sign your claim to my body however you like, because it is all yours. Flesh, blood, and soul.”

Remus just stared, mouth open, licking his lips over and over until Sirius squirmed (and not in an uncomfortable way either). Finally he leaned in close, mouth grazing Sirius’s ear. “Lock the door,” he whispered, making the other boy scrabble for his wand in his forgotten trousers and hastily wave it towards the door, not stopping until the tell tale click. Remus smiled widely, wet red lips pressing against the shell of Sirius’s ear, and ran his hand down his face, moving over his chest and settling over Sirius’s cock, fingers moving through the gap in the boxers to stroke and encircle the warm skin. “I…love…you,” he murmured, with a squeeze punctuating each word.

Sirius moaned deeply, pressed a kiss to Remus’s cheek that said more than any word ever could, and gave himself over to the wonderful sensations.


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May. 10th, 2005 08:58 am (UTC)
Eeee! Oh that's delightful! Just the pickmeup I needed after a bastard of a day yesterday. Thanks, love! *mwah!*
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