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R/S ficlety goodness

So in order to get sopdetly properly motivated to do her chores this morning, I promised her fic. Here then is that fic, a little slice of fluff in the wonderful world of Remus/Sirius. Enjoy!

No doubt it would have surprised Professor McGonagall, but when it came to his home Sirius Black was surprisingly neat. A few well placed charms that were researched on the sly (due to their suspected origin being Witches’ Home and Gardens) kept his brand new flat in sparkling condition. Remus claimed his propensity for his room to be cluttered and on the shaggy side was an extension of the wolf’s desire to den. The rest of the boys claimed that was a load of mooncalf dung.

The jumper went sailing through the air and neatly wrapped itself around Remus’s head. “AAAH, get it off!” he howled, clawing at the wool covering his eyes.

Sirius smirked. “Serves you right not to leave it lying on the floor.”

“All right, I’m sorry for making a mess of your flat!” Remus said, voice muffled.

Another wave of the wand and the jumper unwound, flew to the back of the couch, and fell there, landing neatly folded. “Apology accepted.”

Remus shook his head in a canine-esque manner and brushed some fuzz out of his hair. “Are you aiming to get this flat in the best lodgings contest that the Prophet is holding?” he muttered.

Sirius, aloof nose in the air, flopped down on the couch. “I just want this place neat and light and airy.” He looked at the wide open windows of the sitting room, letting in shafts of warm July sun. Remus sat down on the end of the couch, lifting Sirius’s feet and placing them back down on his lap. Immediately, almost as if it were a Pavlovian reaction, Sirius’s bare foot began to rub at Remus’s crotch with just the right amount of pressure to make him sigh in pleasure.

Even though he’d never had the dubious pleasure of experiencing Grimmauld Place, Remus could easily imagine the gloom that settled over the place like a rotting blanket. At the beginning of the school year it always took Sirius a few days to shake off any lingering angst and despair caused by his wretched family. Hopefully now that he was living on his own things would be different. It was, after all, their last year at Hogwarts, and they were planning to go out not with a whimper, but a bang. And a loud one at that.

“So how long have you got to spend here?” Sirius asked, pulling Remus from pleasant thoughts involving certain types of ‘bangs’.

“Well, Mum and I only talked about the day, but she said if I chose to stay later to just Floo and let her know. For some unknown reason, she trusts you,” Remus grinned.

“I can charm any woman,” he said with a lazy grin of confidence, making Remus pinch his ankle. “Ow!”

“You try any of your charming tricks on my mother and my father will cast every hex in the book on you before he decides to beat you to a pulp with his bare fists,” Remus pointed out. “Besides, I like you alive and in my bed rather than dead at my dad’s hands.”

“I can quite easily live with that,” Sirius said, feet rubbing at Remus once more. “As long as he doesn’t kill me for shagging his son.”

Remus smiled, that strange little half smile he always had when he was really deeply happy, the kind of happiness that only Sirius was honored with seeing. “I think you’d be surprised. They really do like you, and they like how much you mean to me, and seeing their baby boy happy is all they really want. Also, and I guarantee this, if Lovernios Lupin ever learns that you can change into an animal, you’d have an admirer for life.”

The breeze blew through the window, ruffling the curtains (yes, Sirius had bought curtains for his new flat, prompting Remus to call him the girl in the relationship once more) and Remus’s hair along with it. The sounds of the town filtered into the flat; Oxford was a busy place no matter what time of year it was. It was delightfully cool in there, and Remus decided to shift Sirius’s legs just a little and lay down next to him. That was a perk of the charmed couch; it could expand to fit two growing boys quite comfortably.

He soon began to doze off. It was so comfortable there, his head pillowed on Sirius’s chest, and the aches and twinges of the past full moon still making their way out of his muscles. Sirius always smelled delicious, fresh and clean with a perpetual hint of the outdoors about him. Remus more often smelled of books and chocolate, which Sirius enjoyed just as much. He felt Sirius’s chest move underneath his head, the shifting of certain muscles signifying that he was using his arms for something, and maybe a murmured word was said also. It wasn’t important though. Remus was too happy to care.

Without warning a loud hiss went off right by Remus’s ear, and something cold and wet hit the side of his nose. “What the bloody fuck was that?” he yelped, jerking up to see Sirius’s slightly insane grin.

“Whipped cream.” He shook the aerosol container and tossed his wand onto the coffee table. “It’s amazing, the things these Muggles have cooked up.” He leaned forward and licked the cream off of Remus’s face, making him shiver and react in ways he knew Sirius was delighted to feel.

As soon as the initial surprise wore off, Remus glanced pensively at the whipped cream can. There was quite a lot of potential there. He took the can from Sirius’s hand, shook it, then squirted a line going from Sirius’s chin down to the hollow of his throat. He licked his lips slowly, making Sirius’s eyes gleam and his pelvis squirm. Oh yes. This was going to be very fun…


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Apr. 27th, 2005 08:20 pm (UTC)
Eeeeeeeeeeee! *mwah!* This was purrrrrrrrfect. I can just imagine what happens next (though of course if you get bored on your trip and want to spell it out for me... *g*)

Thanks m'love!
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