September 8th, 2012

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Fic: A Dangerous Woman, 1/? (Avengers)

Title: A Dangerous Woman
Author: Aenaria
Rating: PG, for now at least.  Still haven't decided where it's going to go from here.
Spoilers: The Avengers and Captain America: The First Avenger
Summary: There's a woman running around New York City in 2013 with Peggy Carter's face - the same exact face she had back in 1945. Is it coincidence, or something more? Steve Rogers isn't quite sure. Unabashed Peggy/Steve reunion fic. No matter the fandom, I can't escape them...

The last thing I have time to do right now is write, but somehow I still managed to start this piece and dive headfirst right into a new fandom (where I'm still fascinated by the idea of reunion!fics.  Whatever, I love them and I don't care).  Why am I so busy?  I'm actually going to be moving in a few weeks out of Rhode Island and back to the dear city of my birth, Brooklyn, NY.  Which, coincidentally, is where a lot of this story takes place.  Maybe that explains it, but it could also be the mad, passionate obsession with the Avengers that kicked in after I saw the movie - and then proceeded that same night to hit up every Redbox I could find to grab all of the prequels.  And while he's not the usual sort of hero I go for (I've always had a history of going after the so-called anti heroes), the story of Captain America fascinated me the most.  And, all right, it didn't hurt that he's damn easy on the eyes (that introductory scene in the boxing gym?  YUM).  Needless to say, fanfic was almost an inevitability.

(And man, do I really need to update my icons.  I don't think I've put new ones in there for years...)

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