May 15th, 2012

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Castle Fic: Palm to Palm, Part Two

Title: Palm to Palm, Part Two
Author: Aenaria/io_aenaria
Characters/Pairings: Castle/Beckett
Word Count: about 2800
Rating: PG
Spoiler alert: S4 Finale "Always"
Summary: Sometimes all you want is a hand to hold. Kate Beckett, Richard Castle, and a conversation the morning after the season four finale ends. In chapter two, Jim Beckett makes his own statements on the matter.
Author's Notes: I had thought that the story was complete, but I might have been jumping the gun a bit. Someone had brought up the idea that Castle's little line could have caused a bit of unneeded worry on the part of Beckett's father, and the muse just couldn't let it be. So here's part two, in which Beckett tells her dad. About some things, at least. Not all of them. Not yet. Remember, feedback is love, and any tips and critiques you have to help me improve my stories are always appreciated. More author's notes about the future of this story after the fic...

Thank you for reading!

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