August 2nd, 2008

time travelling marauders

I have internet again! *Squee!*

If you can't tell by that overjoyed subject line, I am hooked back up to the internet and settling nicely into my new apartment. It's a cute little place - and I have a claw foot bathtub. *bliss*

Now, for two random but vaguely fandomy observations I've had over the past couple of weeks:

1) I found out that Jason Isaacs lives one town over from me now due to his filming that TV show in Providence(thank you paiger1218 for that little tidbit). While I'm no fan of the character he plays in the HP movies, it's still pretty darn cool. Who knows who I'll end up seeing at the Starbucks in that town now...

2) My new neighbors have an apartment in Venice, Italy as well, aside from their flat here. *is so jealous*

On to answer everyone's lovely feedback! And then, for the hard stuff: unpacking.

*looks at the sea of boxes and bags around her and gulps nervously*
time travelling marauders

Self indulgent whinging

Ugh, okay, remind me not to watch the S2 finale of Robin Hood when I'm already in a foul and romantically depressed mood. This is me, curled up on the bed, in floods of tears. I blame my idiot of a boyfriend. As soon as one thing in life starts going well, another falls right apart...

It's time for something happy now, yes? Please?

< / whining self-pity >

Thank you for indulging me. Please return to your regularly scheduled business.