May 2nd, 2008

tired doctor

Mysterious Ways (3 of ?)

Title: Mysterious Ways, part 3 of ?
Author: Aenaria/io_aenaria
Character/Pairing: Ten/Rose, Gemma (an OC), with appearances by Jack, Martha, Donna, and a bunch of other OCs
Rating: This part is PG, however rating is more than likely to go up by the end of it...
Summary: The Sonnetsverse reunion, which now has an actual summary! "She's been lost, found the key, unlocked the door to the universe, wandered about, took a detour, stopped, stopped some more, then started again. Now, finally, Rose Tyler is on her way home."
Disclaimer: In my dreams...
Author's Notes: Yes, I probably should have waited for galadriella1 to get back with the beta on this, however I am a dork who is far too excited to post the story. This bit is more of an interlude from the Doctor's point of view, but it really is just one more step on the path to reunion. As always, prior knowledge of the Sonnets stories and the previous parts of Mysterious Ways is a good idea especially as some things from previous stories pop up in this chapter, and all of them can be found here. Thanks, as always to Paige for her help and her patience with my insane ramblings over this epic of a fic. Enjoy! :)

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