February 24th, 2008

time travelling marauders

New Fic: The Old Man and the Statue (Doctor Who)

Title: The Old Man and the Statue
Author: Aenaria/io_aenaria
Character/Pairing: Ten/Rose, and an OC
Rating: PG
Summary: Even though Rose's sister doesn't realize it, it's not just the exhibits in the museum that are important, but the people you encounter there. Yet another 'Sonnets Writ in Skin' ficlet.
Spoilers: Big ones for 'The Stone Rose', with very, very slight ones for 'Voyage of the Damned'.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Notes: As said above, yet another Sonnets ficlet. This one follows 'Penelope's Web', which can be found at my journal along with all of the other Sonnets stories. I may get shot for the ending of this one, but I've had this scene in my head for ages and have been itching to get it out for months now. More author's notes concerning the future of this series at the end of the ficlet (nothing bad, just a rearrangement of sorts). As always, my heartiest thanks to Paige for her prelim reads, and I hope everyone enjoys it!

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