November 25th, 2007

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New Fic: Penelope's Web (Doctor Who)

Title: Penelope's Web
Author: Aenaria/io_aenaria
Character/Pairing: Rose Tyler, Gemma Tyler, and the Doctor in mentions
Rating: PG
Summary: She's not patient, not going to sit at home and wait. She'll find him. A Sonnets ficlet.
Disclaimer: You know, I've answered this question so many times over the years, and the answer never changes...
Author's Notes: So this whole ficlet idea actually started with a 'scientific' experiment conducted with the song 'The Stowaway'. I decided to play the song for a friend of mine to see what she thought of the lyrics. My friend is familiar with Doctor Who (the amount that Paige and I talk about it, she's had to have picked up something by now), but not to the extent of knowing where the song came from. After I played it, her first thoughts were of "Odysseus thinking about Penelope while on Calypso's island" - which made me squeal with glee and then break down and tell her exactly where the song came from, because it gives me hope for an eventual on-screen reunion. Yeah, I'm such a nerd. Anyways! This story then came out of that, after my brain ended up transposing Rose's point of view on the chorus of the song because in my screwed up head, it worked with my story universe. Hence, ficlet was born. It actually slots somewhere in the next story that I'm working on for this universe (which now finally has a set outline, thank all the Gods), but I like it as it stands on its own. As always, prior knowledge of the Sonnets world is necessary, all of which can be found through the tags on my livejournal.

As always, thanks to Paige for the read-through and to everyone else for reading. I hope you like it!

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