October 23rd, 2007

a year dead

I can finally post this! Yay! New Fic: Night Wanders (HP/Torchwood crossover)

So alllll the way back in July I sent in my entry for the DW crossover ficathon. Now, finally, the ficathon's ended and I can share this little piece with the rest of the world. My prompt was this: "Jack Harkness, Sirius Black. Maybe something to do with the veil and the rift?" Anyone who knows me can see how thrilled I was by that. ;) Obviously, this was written before Deathly Hallows came out so it sure as hell isn't compliant with that (is resisting the urge to grumble about how DH has pretty much killed the massive crackfic I've been working on for god knows how long), but I hope you guys like it anyways. And, as always, thanks to Paige for the quickie beta job she did on this literally hours before I left on vacation. :)

Title: Night Wanders
Author: io_aenaria/Aenaria
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sirius Black, Jack Harkness (which means there will be some slashiness. It's Captain Jack, after all.)
Spoilers: For HP, nothing after Half-Blood Prince. For Torchwood, assume this takes place after Jack gets back from his adventures with the Doctor in S3.
Summary: Three meetings between Captain Jack Harkness and Sirius Black as they wander towards home.

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