August 8th, 2007

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New Fic: A View from the Door (Doctor Who)

Title: A View from the Door
Author: Aenaria/io_aenaria
Character/Pairing: Ten/Rose
Spoilers The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
Rating: R
Summary: On the third day, Zuleika interviews an interesting girl of about her own age. She appears to be just the same as every other neo-human that has come through their doors, but something’s strange about her. She suspects it’s not just the dyed blonde hair either.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Notes: This is my offering for irishlullaby's so lovely August picture prompts, using pictures #10 and 12 (which can be found here. Once again, thank you for the wonderful inspiration. Many, many thanks to paiger1218 for her comments and encouragement on this. Love ya hon!

This story is also connected to my Sonnets story (can't seem to escape that universe lately...), however you don't have to know that one at all to understand this one. If you're interested though all previous stories can be found in my journal.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy it!

Dedicated to James, who was born the same day I finished this. Welcome to the world, love.

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