Aenaria (io_aenaria) wrote,

Disturbed by youth?

So whilst I'm here on my sickbed (a.k.a. couch) I ended up watching this show called "Dr. 90210" on E!. It's one of those surgery shows that always makes me hide behind my hands and then peek through at the gory details, but that wasn't what bothered me. What bothered me is seeing the girls younger than I am (and I am young, I'm only 23) worrying about wrinkles and getting Botox and their lips plumped up. You're twenty years old, you shouldn't be worrying about that little wrinkle in your forehead!

I don't know, maybe I'm looking at it from a different perspective than the people on this show are. They're also Californians, and as all East Coasters know, it's a whole different country out there. While I've always bitched and moaned about how my body looks, when it comes to the face I haven't had too many complaints. Yeah, I'd like that little fat/double chin that pops out sometimes gone, but weight loss will take care of that. And not being able to eat with this sore throat may just have an unexpected benefit in that range. But I digress. I've never complained about my skin; I still get pimples but nowhere near as bad as other people I know. I also come from a family where the women age well and know how to preserve their bodies, to me a little wrinkle, while it might inspire some whining, is a mark of age and wisdom. Plastic surgery is all right, certainly, as long as you're doing it to make yourself feel better. And most people my age look ten times better than I do! Why in the name of Manchester are they complaining? They're the girls that the guys always go after, leave the issues for those of us who always end up being the mistresses, but never the girlfriends.

If I ever do go in for cosmetic surgery, it'll be for one of two things: liposuction (gotta get rid of that stomach), and, probably far more importantly, get a breast reduction. I think I kind of redefine top-heavy. And that's not a good thing. My tits enter the room about three minutes before the rest of me, and far more often than not I've got guys looking down my cleavage rather than looking at my face. Not to mention the backaches and the bridge supports needed to keep said tits aloft. If surgery ever became an option, without any complications or financial issues, I'd go for that, for my own health, not because society thinks I need to look younger.

You know, I'm not quite sure what I'm trying to say here. Maybe it's just a general rant inspired by hunger and a sore throat that feels like a hot poker has been shoved down it. I don't know. These girls have absolutely no right to complain. Years and years of society and culture however have fucked things up beyond belief. And there's no sign of things getting better.
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