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The infamous outtake

I told you I was almost finished. So here it is, for you brave souls, the outtake I promised. And thanks to sopdetly for The Mathemagician's Guide to the Cosmos, as per her request. *veg*


This piece contains rated R crossover slash of the male/male variety involving Fox Mulder and Remus Lupin. If this doesn't intrigue you, turn back NOW.

Remus growled when he fucked. A low, husky growl, not unlike that of his wolf form, muffled by Mulder’s sweat dampened skin, seeped its way beneath layers of tissue and muscle and making him shiver. It was a stress release, Mulder supposed. When you spent so much of your day trying to hide the animal inside from an unsuspecting outside world, it took a toll on the man. But at nights grasping, clutching fingers, slick tongues, deep thrusts, and muffled moans let the beast out to play and calmed him at the same time. Remus was almost always on top.

* * *

Remus had just returned from a meeting about his friends’ son, something about not being able to see the boy yet again, and by the time he had arrived home he was in an incredibly hacked off mood. The bottle of firewhiskey was quickly tossed aside after one small sip and Remus proceeded to crash face first on the bed. “You got an owl while you were out,” Mulder said, following him into the room.

He turned over and just looked at Mulder. It was a look he was beginning to know well, that made the blood start to zing through his veins. “Get over here, Mulder,” he demanded in a raspy voice. With a tone like that, how could he say no? He strolled over to the bed, casually tossing his t-shirt to the floor. Yes, technically, he was dating Phoebe but that bitch could go impale herself on a tombstone.

It was an unspoken agreement. Sometimes you just needed to be touched, a basic instinct rooted in the heart of humanity. And if they both benefited from it…

Mulder perched on the edge of the bed, body tense and ready to react at the slightest movement. Sweat was starting to bead on his forehead, even though it was March and the heat in their flat never worked properly. Remus slid his hands up to Mulder’s biceps and with a strong tug pulled them down and smashed their mouths together. Remus’s tongue pushed its way into his mouth, a wet slide of muscle working its way around his teeth as if sampling their taste.

Their lips separated and small kisses began to spread down Mulder’s chin and neck. His head tipped back, leaving more room for Remus. “I promise you’re going to like this,” he growled against Mulder’s skin damply. Without warning, the world spun in a dizzying blur of muted color, and he found himself face down on the bed with Remus straddling his legs.

“God,” Mulder moaned, feeling his tongue begin to trace its way down the ridges of his spine. His fingers dug into the pillow under his head, while Remus’s hand clamped tightly around his right wrist. His other hand skimmed down his side, moving quickly towards Mulder’s fly and undoing so fast he thought it was more magic than dexterity.

When Remus’s fingers finally curled around his cock, he groaned even louder than before. His free hand jerked convulsively, slamming against the wall and digging his nails into the plaster. Remus laughed quietly against his shoulder blade. “Better be careful, there, we don’t need the neighbours listening in on us.” He roughly shoved his hips against Mulder’s arse, causing him to draw in a shuddering breath. When Remus pressed against him harder, he bit into his lip, almost drawing blood, because no one needed to hear what they were doing. This was theirs alone.

Remus’s hand stroked up and down, thumb spiraling over the head and down the shaft with just enough pressure, over and over and over… He sucked on the back of Mulder’s neck, teeth lightly rubbing the skin, trailing down into the curve where neck turned into arm. Mulder twisted his head back and caught Remus’s lips with his own, biting down on the top one as the other man’s tongue tried to pry his mouth open. Remus kept his hand moving, tugging at his balls as he kept pressing his cock against his backside. The kiss broke as Mulder’s hips jerked convulsively backwards and Remus gasped into Mulder’s skin.

Payback’s a bitch though, and Remus thrust again, grinding his hips even harder. “They don’t do this in those Muggle tittie rags of yours, do they?” he hissed into Mulder’s ear, nipping lightly at the lobe.

“Nnggghh,” Mulder groaned, his body shivering. Remus almost never talked dirty, but when he did…there was just something about his voice in that certain tone that sent a spark of electricity straight to his groin. He thrust sharply, repeatedly into Remus’s fist.

“Oh, you are close, aren’t you,” Remus growled. The muscles in Mulder’s back flexed against his chest, preparation for what was just ahead. The hairs tickled his shoulder blades, and Mulder’s toes dug into the sheets. Another jerk and squeeze from Remus’s hand and Mulder gave in, the jolts of sensation shooting through and over and around his skin and just making the outside world fade away and maybe he howled himself…

When Mulder came to, his face was smashed into the pillow and the rest of his body felt delightfully sluggish. He looked over to see Remus propped up next to him, cigarette hanging out of his mouth and some dusty old tome propped up on his sheet covered knees. A quick glance told Mulder that the sheet was all they were wearing. “You feeling better?” Mulder asked, leaning on his elbow.

“Not really,” Remus shrugged. “At least in that respect.” He glanced down at Mulder. “In other ways, rather well.”

“What are you reading?” Mulder asked, leaning over his lap to steal a smoke.

“A Mathemagician’s Guide to the Cosmos.”

They always led back to the stars…
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